M'Agrado is a small syrup production company, founded in June 2022 and based in Castello, a small hamlet of Pietraporzio (CN), over 1300 metres above sea level. It was born out of Enrica's tenacity, her desire to express herself and the will to restore value to an area that had welcomed her with affection since she was a child.
The goal we have set ourselves is in fact a gradual development of a craft business producing syrups and toppings for the preparation of drinks, desserts and gourmet dishes, using products and raw materials characteristic of the Sea Alps area. The set of flavourings (yarrow, hibiscus thyme, mint, sage and basil) shows both the link with the mountain territory and with Liguria, Enrica's homeland, without neglecting a hint of internationality with hibiscus of South African origin.
A term was chosen for the enterprise, 'M'agrado', which in the Occitan language means 'I like it', and this is intended to underline the link with the territory of the upper Stura Valley, winking at a public accustomed to the use of a 'like' to express their approval. The very fact of using a denomination in the Occitan language and being located in a hamlet in the Upper Valley is a factor in promoting the territory, both when purchasing the product and when participating in markets, fairs and events that are increasingly moving away from the Stura Valley.
The choice of packaging was directed towards the use of materials that are as easily recyclable as possible (glass, paper). In addition, a woollen cord was used to tie the identification tag to the bottle: a thread with the world of shepherding and the Sambucana sheep that characterise the Upper Stura Valley.

Having placed a new productive activity, albeit a very small one, in an existing house in a hamlet with only two residents, allows and will allow for levers for the guarantee and development of services and to breathe new life into the hamlet.
The absence of the need for new construction, having used a previously renovated building on the property, means that the company has come into being with total respect for the landscape and the environment.